So WTF is Social Impact?

Social impact is what happens when you adjust your workflow to tackle pressing issues, with the goal of creating positive change.

Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) has become a new discipline in its own right, turning increasingly relevant during all stages of production. As it grows more financially lucrative, it forces creators to rethink the basics of development and distribution, while challenging long standing Hollywood traditions and its status quo.


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SIE Society

Professional trade association committed to convening existing and new members of the social impact creative and producing community.


State of SIE

Landmark report exploring the emerging field of SIE through the views and insight of the artists and industry experts who know it best..

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Impact Field Guide & Toolkit

A guide to help all creators who are working in film to make even more impact.


SOPACT Academy

Learn about Impact management and measurement easily. Social Impact Courses from impact strategy and evaluation.

Check out our SIE Workshop presented by CAVIAR/CONNECTS ft. Bonnie Abaunza

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