Whether a large company or an individual, if you want to create a positive impact, you’re in the right place. 

Our rates match the scope of your specific needs--from hourly to monthly retainers.

Our services cover the following departments and project needs:

1     Advising

Devise an impact strategy that starts with issues you care about. 

We identify key problems and develop customized strategies and solutions.

Impact Strategy
Personalized guidance to optimize impact outcomes
Talent Relations
Assist in understanding how to find the right name that aligns with the mission and vision of your organization

2    Communications & Analytics

Maximize the impact value of your event, initiative, or content with cross-platform marketing from strategy and development to execution and distribution.

Impact Campaign
Oversee messaging, partnerships and engagement
Impact Reporting
Evaluate project outcomes
and metrics
Impact Marketing
Produce branding elements and creative deliverables

3    Education & Programming

Our courses are conducted at-hire for private groups or one-on-one coaching. 

These include internal and external leadership workshops, seminars, and conferences that tap into your core values to improve communication and  workplace experience.  

SIE Masterclasses
How do you integrate Social Impact into your creative process? Courses can involve one or more workshops depending on client/context
Corporate Trainings
Customized towards your workplace challenges and context.
Academic Programming
Design and produce interactive events and networking opportunities for students and/or faculty

4    Production

Virtual summits, conferences, panels, workshops
Storytelling to visualize social change goals and reach a larger audience while increasing  brand value.
Packages include full-branding, ticketing, marketing, technical production, live broadcast, media assets and more!
Visual design and branding  for Impact Initiatives
Safe, in-person action-oriented experiences
Event or initiative sizzles, websites, logos, social media